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    Mixing System

    Agitator Lab is specifically used for the study of agitator mixing. The lab has equipped with many experimental instruments, comprehensive test-bed for measuring the relevant parameters of the mixer.  The lab has also equipped high performance computers, CFD software and FEA calculation software, which could be used for the simulation analysis of flow field and carrying out the stirring simulation experiment according to the client`s requirement.



    Agitator lab is specialized in stirring power rate testing and flow field observing, which is equiped with free lifting mixer, glass tank, laser emitter, high performance computer and camera. Mixing contrast test stand is equiped with double free lifting mixers, glass tank, high performance computer and other detectors. Mixing contrast test stand is specialized in the comparison of the two different kinds of agitators with the same operation conditions. Based on the comparison result, we can finally get a better type of agitator.

    We have collected about 10 years agitator running records, which could provide the much similar solutions to the project requirement, then choosing the right agitator type, agitator numbers and  shaft diameter. Finally confirming the best agitating solution by calculating its running power rate.


    CFD software can widely used in the flow field analysis, agitator blade torque calculation, flow distribution analysis, gas content, etc.

    CFD (flow field analysis) software and FEA (finite element) calculating software


    CFD modeling analysis


    Mixing vector diagram



    WHCM has optimized the traditional agitators by measuring their power standard, discharge flow rate and circulating flow rate based its many years of agitator fabrication experience. We have mastered comprehensive parameters of agitators and finally established our agitator standard database. The following is the brief introduction of WHCM featured agitators.


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