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    Service Commitment
    The purpose of service:
    Providing the prompt,professional,accurate,attentive and efficient after sales service to our clients.
    Service goals:
    Satisfying our clients with our prompt and efficient service.
    Service efficiency:
    1、Responding our client`s within 24 hours after receiving client`s notification.
    2、Dispatching our professional after-sales service staff to client`s site to solve the technical issues within 5 working days(3 working days if the client is the client is in Shandong province)after receiving client`s notification if necessary no matter within or without the warranty period.
    Service range:
    1、Installation on site and commissioning for free.Organizing client`s workers to join the equipment installing,debugging,using and maintaince,making sure that Party A could handle the running and repairing skills if necessary.Our workers shall not leave the client`s site unless receiving client`s permission after finishing installing jobs.
    2、We will dispatch our workers to client`s site (if necessary) to repair or replace any damaged parts caused by the inherent quality defect for free within the warranty period;If the warranty has expired,we will charge to our client for dispatching our workers to client`s site to repair or replace the damaged parts with the most favorable price.
    3、We will charge the cost of the spare parts to our clients with the cost price.
    Maintenance guide
    (Please enter the password to watch the video. You can leave us a message for the password.
    Note: Mobile phone concerns our WeChat public number, you can watch video directly in mobile terminal.

    Sales Dept. TEl: +86(0)631 5782500

    Sales Dept. Fax: +86(0)631 5757767

    Mobile: +86 15634365312 (Wechat)

    What's up: +8615634365312?

    E-mail: shirleywong@chemdevice.com

    Skype: 15866894110@163.com

    Add: N0.9, Dongxin Road, Zhangcun Town, Huancui Dist., Weihai City, Shandong

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